“Mom, how good it sounds, Mom, how beautiful she is” - Ministry of Justice charity campaign

Once again, the staff of the Ministry of Justice demonstrates humanity and solidarity, actively participating in the charity campaign "Mom, how good it sounds, Mom, how beautiful she is", which is dedicated to supporting big families in which a Woman-Mom has difficulties raising children and faces problems related to the upbringing of their children.

In this sense, two families of 5 children from Slobozia village and Carahasani village, Ștefan-Vodă district are supported.

Eric Minnegheer, team leader in the project "Support for the effective prevention and fight against corruption in the justice sector" initiated and supported by the European Union, is taking part in this action.

Minister of Justice Fadey Nagachevsky sincerely thanks everyone who is aware of and participates in the charitable activities of the ministry, and will continue to support all humanitarian initiatives and projects aimed to support desperate people, as well as continue to provide and organize actions in support of people in need.

In this context, we urge everyone who wishes to show generosity and help support families in need.

We remind you that the campaign of the Ministry of Justice will last until the end of March, it is aimed to support and help big families in difficult life situations.

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